Eastern Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit Flour – 400g (2 Packs of 200g)


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Product Description

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Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit Flour is made from mature raw Jackfruits of India. It’s neutral in taste has no sweetness or aroma of the ripe fruit.


Be it Chappathi,Dosa, Akki roti,Puttu, or oats, adding a tablespoon of Jackfruit365 to your regular flour or batter controls your blood sugar levels.

1 Tablespoon per person per meal.
3 meals a day per person.

Easy control of your blood sugar with Jackfruit365



Jackfruit365 Grain 2 Green

Jackfruit365 Grain 2 Green



Controls Blood Sugar Level

Helps in control blood sugar levels in 90 days.*

High Soluble fibers

Source of soluble fiber & protein.

Neutral in Taste

Rich in dietary fibre

& helps in digestion.



Not Changing Habits

The green jackfruit flour has sufficient binding and is the most convenient way to control blood sugar through food without changing eating habits.*

Recommended Usage

One table spoon per person per meal, three times a day.

*In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, with results published in ADA journal, a significant decrease in hba1c was observed within 90 days amongst participants taking 30g of Jackfruit365 green jackfruit ­flour daily, as part of their diet replacing an equal volume of rice or wheat ­flour.

Green jackfruit Flour

Neutral in Taste

Low Carbohydrates

High in Fibre







Step 1

Take one tablespoon per person of Jackfruit365 flour.

Step 2

Add your choice of flour or batter to Jackfruit365 flour.

Step 3

Mix together and proceed making your desired recipe as usual.

Jackfruit365 ProcessJackfruit365 Process

How we make it?

Made using a patent-pending continuous process machine, to peel and process jackfruit to flour, retaining its soluble fiber, and maintaining global hygiene standards,we proudly present to you our patent pending Jackfruit365 flour. An effective and easy way to control blood Sugar levels.

Rich In Dietary Fibre Helps In Digestion
Source of Soluble Fibre & Protein
Store in an Airtight Container After Opening
1 Tablespoon per person per meal


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